via Daily Prompt: Protest

My first Daily Prompt Post which topic is intriguing and can be argumentative but it’s expected in such and opinionated world we live in.  I have other ideas but figured why not join a challenge where there are more innovative ideas.

Protest by definition ” a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.” For the most part this form of action has taken a toll for the worst. In many cases a protest starts off nonviolent and end up with violence, rioting and injury. Nowadays we take things for granted and between the media and government, they’ve softened and spoiled the country to a point where people riot because they feel a criminal was shot unjustified and of course the media will show you what they want to stir things up more. When was the last non violent protest that actually made a positive impact to society and successful? There were teacher strikes, the war against Iraq, raise on minimum wages and hundreds more; but were they successful after everything done.

Sounds like I’m against protest and what they truly stand for but to be honest, I’m not. I think the higher power needs to hear the truth from those they look down on and it’s because of those people that they are in their corner office view, driving off in their luxurious car into their luxury home. Only problem today is how someone or everyone gets out of hand and lead things to violence. How people want to stop violence by going violent. Is that what we’re taught and teach the next generation? Two wrongs make a right! Obviously that’s not the case. Sometimes you don’t need an actual weapon to get your point across, you need an idea. Your weapons can be taken along with your signs but your idea will forever be yours and the words you say can’t be taken back but with the right people and amount, your idea can be expressed and heard. I’m sure you’ve heard “we should not fear our government our government should fear us.” Of course this has been said in different ways as well but there is truth to this and this of course applies not just the government but major corporations.

How many are working in an organization versus the amount who run it. Perhaps a handful of high end people versus hundreds or thousands working it. What if a handful of workers get an idea to go against the company? More than likely, they get fired and maybe sued. But what if the idea spreads like wildfire and more than half of the works unite to against the company. More than likely they will hear what’s being said and cooperate with this idea as long as it’s reasonable. Of course you don’t want to bring down everything because then the business gets shut down, and everyone is out of work including the one’s who run it of course. Sometimes it’s not about destroying someone else but improving them. Everything has consequences to them and the idea has to be very well thought out, if things are for the better.


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