Ever get that feeling when something or someone says or does something  in a sense reveals your wrong doing? Perhaps you said or did something to someone. All of a sudden the things they do or say seem as if it’s directly towards you. Now you’re questioning yourself  “is that towards me and how do they know?” Perhaps they don’t know it was you but of course you start reacting towards what they did and now you’ve revealed yourself to them and your true colors. Funny how things work in the world! That’s what a guilty conscience does to a person. Reveals to people how cynical you can be. Now with social media, people are brought out of the light more and more everyday. A 1 minute post on a social media platform can break a relationship. There’s only one way around this scenario, a way to avoid this feeling of guilt within. It’s pretty simple actually. Just stop for a moment and think of how can you avoid from having this “guilt” feeling inside. One word and form of action will prevent you from embarrassing yourself…Stop! That’s it. Just plain and simple, stop. Stop doing whatever it is that your thinking of doing. Stop being so selfish. Stop belittling people to make yourself feel superior to impress those who more than likely don’t care about you. In the end, you’re lowering your standards, embarrassing yourself and definitely belittling yourself, not the other person. At the end of the day, is it really worth it all? If you don’t like a person then stop pretending to be their friend. Don’t like what they wear, stop looking. Don’t like what they say, stop listening. Don’t like what they do, stop being around them. It’s pretty simple. Stop. That’s all.


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