via Daily Prompt: Ovation


We all rely on technology. Some more than others. As much as some might avoid it, you still are somehow  in the realm of technology, especially if you’re reading this right now! What about those who made this technology happen, the inventor, the creator and the maintainer? Everyone moves up and is recognized for their work, their idea and how they made it happen but the one who made sure they got where they needed to get is in the shadows. I’d like to give a STANDING OVATION to those in the IT field. From the one’s who pick up the phone hundreds of times a day listening to everyone’s complaining and whining, to the one who does what those over the phone can’t do by being physically available and becoming the shield who takes all the hits from the users, to the one who designed the software to make it work for the one who is getting recognized. Now imagine if you removed everything technical from your life. Would you survive or know what to do without all your nifty gadgets that gets you by through the day? Probably not! Recognition is needed all around.


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