Just North of Miami

Starting off, I’d like to thank Glenn Holcomb for the title which of course opens up the next idea. 

Recently ( I mean a few months ago by now) I relocated to a small city West of Orlando from Miami called Clermont. I have to say living in Miami was an experience and not much in a good way. The majority of the people are rude, disrespectful, uneducated and certainly don’t know how to drive. For the most part, the streets and expressways are always under construction and sometimes if the street was smooth at some point, they make sure it isn’t anymore. Doesn’t make sense but I guess that’s what they feel like doing if they have extra funds presumably. The new trend for them is putting these ridiculous roundabouts which will cost them about a million to make due to all the work put into such as lights, sprinklers, decoration such as some unrelated to the area design or perhaps a hideous looking tree. For the most part I feel these roundabouts generally cause more traffic and trust me there is so much of that there it’s making it unbearable to live at.

Visiting Miami is perhaps ideal but keep in mind you will need extra time on your visitation since you’ll be spending lots of it in traffic. Where people have accidents all year round no matter the weather condition or time of day. Where people put their left turn signal and make a right or vice versa and get upset at you for honking or flashing your lights at them if they haven’t slammed into your car yet still blame you for their careless driving. In the end, you’ll end up with the ticket because common sense isn’t so common there and this includes with the laws and those who “enforce” them. Of course this doesn’t apply for everyone either but unfortunately those very few talented and intellectual individuals are stuck amongst the species that can bring humanity to an extinct if they had it their way. It’s unfortunate that being stupid isn’t illegal! It should be…there should be an IQ test for those who actually want to live in certain areas or come into the country. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy trying to make the city “pretty” and not spend the funds on education. People rather look good on the outside than on the inside as well. They rather scam their way into getting that fancy car or house than actually learning something and earning it the right way.

I’ll admit doing things the right way is extremely difficult especially if you want to make a name for yourself but if getting rich or hitting that goal in life was easy then everyone would be doing it. So of course, it’s much faster to take the easy route and for many that’s doing something illegal, unethical and perhaps inhumane. I’ve had my time when younger when I did things that were wrong. It was quick and easy to do and didn’t take me to be a rocket scientist in doing the things I did. The idea at the time of doing those things were simply to get by and through the financial burden I was in. I had a crappy job, left the roof I was under with the clothes on my back and had no car. Making minimum wage and wanting a place to live and a car to get me from point A to B wasn’t going to happen in a very long time. So I did what I needed to in order to expedite the process and once I got those things, I remained doing things the hard way, the right way, but the hard way. Eventually I needed more because I am one who likes to learn more things in order to move forward, so I went to school again.

School. The one thing I disliked and I went back to it. What was I thinking right? Several years ago that was what most places wanted you to do, get a degree. So basically put yourself in a lifelong debt to work for someone else so they can give you a raise just to get by but not enough to pay those loans back. How ironic is that! How many have made the mistake to go to school to learn more, end up owing 50-100k or more so they can make 30-60k just to make that impression and then you end up working with someone who either makes the same amount or more without a school debt simply because they know someone on the inside. Sometimes that lucky bastard end up moving up faster because of it and maybe even become your manager. Thankfully that hasn’t been my case but I’ve heard of things like that. Luck of the draw I presume.

So here I am, relocated about 240 miles north of the torturous ways of Miami, wondering, what’s so different? OK, yes the people are much friendlier than Miami. I give it that much. I thought at first I was being trapped into something or the person wanted something in return on how kind they were but turns out, that’s not the case. Driving is much less than in Miami even though, patience is a major factor. Wow do people drive slow here but I guess I’m just used to that fast pace Miami always has or pretends to have considering you end up doing 2-10mph on the highway anyways. Now cost of living to me feels about the same if you live in an apartment. Yes prices are much lower for homes if you’re out to buy one but if  not then you’re in the same boat. I feel the majority of houses should be less if they’re built like gingerbread houses with simply all wood instead of cinderblocks.

How about businesses? This is where I feel I got the short end of the stick. Small businesses here are slowly being and going to be pushed out by franchises. People don’t want to pay the same amount as Miami people are willing to pay but yet the price to have a business storefront is the same, rent is the same, utilities are basically the same. In other words, people are cheap when it comes to pay for quality service yet wonder why the local business has been closed. People need to wake up though because if all small business are closed and pushed out by franchises, the there will be no other option but pay the high priced franchise is charging. This applies for all sorts of businesses too. You’ll be eating $20 frozen food dishes, $70 oil changes, $120 pc repairs etc. all simply because you weren’t willing to support a small business with their $10-$15 homemade food or $20 oil change to mechanic or $60 computer repair service done at your house for 2-3 hours. You were cheap! I get you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars or you need to save money for whatever reason. If you don’t want to spend that kind of money on food then eat at home, don’t want to do the usual maintenance that a vehicle requires then don’t buy one to begin with and the same applies to computers and everything else that requires some type of managing. Nothing is perfect, you can’t just buy something and not expect something to happen. If Humans aren’t perfect then what makes you think we can make something perfect? Obviously we can’t nor will we so stop bitching and complaining how something happened to your 10 year old purchase. It’s more understandable to ask for a discount or assistance on a service that cost over $100 but to ask for a discount on a service that was $20-50 is like going to dollar store and wanting a coupon or discount for absolutely no reason at all. No barter, no referral, no reason, no discount! That’s how I see it and how I feel it should be. Just like everyone else, owners of small businesses have to eat and pay their own bills as well. They probably have a school debt or small business loan and if they give everyone discounts or things away for free, they won’t pay any of it back and business will fail. Be considerate of those trying to do what they can with what little they can offer!